Him to dispense his maxims from the queue to the post office (“We no longer talk at the table”, my lady!), And they, poor things, to reply, happy like teenagers kidnapped by Boko Haram, with a face that said: sorry, it’s a whiny old man, but he’s not bad. To revive the theater, the superimposed writings: the whatsapp messages of the boys, so that even the viewer of Tg1, (average age 128 years) could grasp the dizzying depth of the speech. In short, for Cazzullo’s book, the simple hustler was not enough, a screenplay, direction and graphics were needed. All public service work, journalists, editors, special effects. Part of our solidarity goes to them, of course. Unfortunately, not all of it, because we have to keep some of it aside for the young Cazzullo, forced not only to talk to their father (who already … what a bummer!), But to talk to their father about why they prefer to use their cell phones rather than talk to their father . Come on, guys!

Twist of the scene, suddenly everything is blue. Those who have had the patience (and the stomach) to follow the traditional Pontida festival, have been able to see the color change of the League with a quick glance. Blue stage, blue signs saying “Salvini premier”, blue banners on the stage. Funny, because when (rarely) the cameras did a reverse shot on the League crowd, you could clearly see that it was still green, from the shirts to the caps, the flags, the nice signs against blacks, southerners, Communists, judges, etc. In short, the Pontida base was not warned in time of the chromatic change imposed on the party by the aspiring premier Salvini. On the invitation there were no indications for the dress code of the militant of the new course, who presented himself green while the boss said blue. Like going to an embassy reception in Bermuda shorts and a Ramones t-shirt.

A powerful and dense blue, rather dark, different (but they are shades) from the classic Berlusconi blue, which is more a dark blue. There, near Silvio, we saw them all, the shades of blue: the light blue with clouds like Windows screensaver, then the neon blue and sequins in the Mediaset afternoon style, then a more presidential blue, almost solemn, à la Macron, which however, to be honest, with blue came a little later.

After all, it seems that the blue color is a fatal attraction and someone laughed a lot (as you do when there is little to laugh about) when the jokers of the PD of Milan showed up at the demonstration on April 25 with caps and blue flags, raving justifications like “the Resistance is European” and so on. Net of the incidents dictated by ignorance (a blue sign praised Coco Chanel, a Nazi collaborationist, Lord forgive them, but also no) it was clear to everyone that it was an ideological separation underlined by a chromatic change. No red for heaven’s sake, blue, please, blue fades, my lady. Above all, it deals with affiliations, identities and ideologies: it does not commit, here.

Needless to say: I began feverishly to consult sites specialized in chromotherapy, things halfway between the pseudoscientific and the Indian holy man, to discover interesting things. Ooohmmmmm: Kind of that blue relaxes, and it’s associated with meditation and thinking. And this would exclude Salvini. But I also discovered that blue would be the color of the soul, associated with the second chakra, which is located in the pubic region, look a bit. And this would explain Berlusconi.

Interesting, but the political substance remains. Blue makes presidential and responsible. Blue is reliable, solid, and at the same time reassuring. Above all, blue is a fairly neutral color, not associated with particular ideologies, such as red and (in recent Italian history) the Northern League green, much used for shirts, ties, pocket handkerchiefs.