.. 1 Everyone likes something different and I don’t find the generalization that great either 2 You can also have an illness 3 fat doesn’t mean obese or something ..

that has nothing to do with DIVA they are stupid …. yes of course the taste is always different no question, but the way some people say it is already the bottom drawer

If you have to justify yourself because of an unnecessary fact and / or comment on the Internet, you have to have a pretty inferiority complex.

I would be happy if I meet a thick one 🙂 Chubby women are much more beautiful than skinny!

Obesity is a sign of laziness and a lack of physical exercise, as well as poor nutrition, if one has no illness …

Fääääääääääääääääääätt! : D Find feelings! Much Post!

i like most women typed … beautiful disabled men

sure, all men in all of africa just love fat … what you talk about

sweet that you see me moral apostle … xD funny xD

Everything is wrong with dick, from the health aspect to the spoiling of the eyes of the innocent, argue as you want in the end to be just as dumb fat as herion addicted period. 😉

Has anyone said this is wrong or are you just trying to start another discussion about fat?

Tobias Bartelds wrote the best comment I have ever read on Facebook xD

favors cardiovascular diseases, restricts the mobility of those affected from a certain point, is one of the main causes of diabetes, psychological impairments are possible e.g. lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem .. if it is important: “lacking” aesthetics .. but you shouldn’t limit anyone to the latter anyway.

There is no such thing as “wrong” and “right” … that is always a matter of culture. There are also countries where it is considered right that women are beaten by their husbands and are not allowed to drive or vote. Every culture has different values. Today it is an ideal to be slim as a woman and to be a muscle pack as a man. Earlier (in the Middle Ages), however, heavier women were popular. Ultimately, it remains a matter of taste for the individual. One likes more curves, the other likes wafer-thin legs .. so everyone is catered for;) for me, “fat” and “thin” are not top criteria, there are other things that I pay attention to with women ..

dimi did you know that anorexic men are preferred to ned? 😉 So hold your cunt old

There is indeed a right and a wrong. It is correct to live healthy. It is wrong to live unhealthily.

“wrong” are only the health aspects …. but they have already been kicked about here ^^

Folks, looking for your facts on 9gag is not exactly smart. Most of the things on 9gag are just jokes.

Facts cannot be stolen because they are facts and nothing invented .. unless they are made up facts well then

How do you know if 9gag didn’t steal it? : D

Yeah yeah But that definitely looked like a joke. You can usually tell how that is meant.

there are also funny facts that can be brought to 9gag.

Well then, I guess I was wrong. I just read exactly that on 9fag a few days ago, and it definitely looked like a joke.

Funny idea of ​​how Klaus-Günther sits at his PC and thinks “Oh no, she’s definitely full of fat!”

wow the majority of people are superficial. Congratulation. Well done.

In fairness you have to compare both scenarios before you make a hasty judgment. What is the great thing that can happen to a woman when she meets a serial killer? She is murdered and it’s behind her. It’s not worth striving for, but the matter is off the table. But what happens when a man meets a lady whose body weight is beyond the capabilities of any Libra? The man could be eaten, which in extreme cases does not even kill him. He will live a life in the stomach of a whale, like Pinocchio’s father. But that’s not all. The man faces a possibly even more cruel fate, namely marriage.