I look forward to your experiences and tips.

Which dating site do you use and why?

Of course, these dating sites are not great right now, but for men / boys who have zero self-confidence (like me), dating sites are good?

And besides, it’s almost impossible nowadays to find a nice, sensible woman in any way. Maybe I am wrong. Or maybe I just have no idea because my self-esteem is too low, even zero.

Which dating site do you use? Lovoo? Tinder?

Are you looking for a relationship? Do you just want to have fun?

Why is it so bad in getting to know or dating when the woman is unemployed? Why does this woman have fewer opportunities than a working woman? Why is it so bad for you when you don’t work?

Who has had their own experience on dating sites for transgender people?

I’m just considering signing up for a transgender dating site because I’m into trans women. Which pages are good and which are bad?

To the men- How have your experiences with online dating been so far?

I’m 19m and have thought about starting online dating, but I fear that the women who do online dating are of the lowest level, because let’s be honest: How can you as a woman have problems with a partner find when you are not ugly or have mental disorders?

Of course there is also the time factor, so there are women who could easily find a partner, but because of time constraints they prefer to search the Internet comfortably. And then there are certainly also shy women who are also better served on the Internet.

But far from all theories, I’m interested in your specific experiences!

In particular, I would be delighted if you could rate the average appearance of women who do online dating on a scale of 1-10, then their character from 1-10 and then their mental health from 1-10.

On this scale, 1 stands for “particularly bad” and 10 for “particularly good”.

And another small question: When can you call the female gender woman and until when can you still call her girl? Is it e.g. inappropriate if I still call a 21-year-old girl because she is actually a woman? Where is the limit?

Getting to know each other / dating / flirting / – sites for young people

Does anyone of you know a free site where you can just get to know nice people? Please no cuddles, Facebook, or anything else.

So far I’m kind of extremely skeptical. This dating app seems pretty suspicious to me, because it only shows slim and pretty women. I haven’t seen a woman there who I would really call unattractive.

This is a huge difference to other popular online dating sites. There are a lot of unattractive women. I have the impression that there are only models around.

How are your experiences with online dating?

In online dating, is it repulsive for a woman when the man sends a “bad” and cheap-looking photo? Can he still compensate for that later?

Online dating for women like in the catalog?

It is well known that women are written to much more often than men. But there was a situation yesterday where I felt like I was on Tinder in real life. The woman with whom I met 3 days ago, who then did not contact me, had already met with someone else. And there it was, like with Tinder, about “it doesn’t fit but still has enough choice then I’ll take it”. And then you are hosted without what you have done, it is not said that it does not fit, no rather the number is It is the same with the cover letter as a man. At Lovoo you write to whom and permanently comes, unfortunately the ice is between you and.