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Can’t run after you for long then.

this will be a so-called “top comment”

Mirko is apparently a ladyboy: D

the fat flemish will come soon

But if you put it that way, it wouldn’t make a difference. Women and men would still have the same fears;)

Mirko, it doesn’t have to be! (Let’s see who checks)

Now I can die in peace: D

Oh man Waldi, I was about to bring him: D A big serial killer tranny …

We’re all only on Facebook because ElitePartner only accepts singles with class …

so do you call yourself a level lot? Well then good night: D

I think singles with a wallet are better

Ladies and gentlemen, the level is falling for you today

the comments in elite partner forums are sometimes dumber than elsewhere. there are still childish topics like ‘when is a woman good in bed?’, who doesn’t know about a diploma and Co. has no business there. always this cataloging of people …

no! Because ElitePartner costs what: D

I think you won the internet today sir: D

because the first contact is chargeable …

I had exactly the same thought today: D

how is that actually you have to show your income and your school leaving certificate to them: D

When it comes to online dating, women are most afraid of not getting rid of the guy, while men are afraid of texting all the time with a man posing as a woman. : D

yes that is more like what it says there

Honestly drilling when I read this I just get angry …. I ask you how superficial is that please … yes, I’m fat, and I still have feelings …. is that about weight dependent NO …. 30 years ago nobody was interested because it depends on what the heart says and not some numbers from the scales … and if that is important for you then your level is lower than my basement .. .

There are just people who are not into fat. And there are people who like that. The fact does not mean anything bad. Please do not overreact

There are still many parts of the world today e.g. Jamaica, the men there ONLY like fat women and there a slim woman, no matter how beautiful she is, has NO CHANCE …….! The same applies to India, Africa, the Arab world, so for over 1 billion people …… that is enough: D: D: D: D I find the cult of leanness sick, and many men like feminine curves. My personal opinion is that there are fat women who are super beautiful and slim too. Both can be very beautiful. I still think the joke is funny, I wouldn’t take it too seriously. Yvonne, don’t let yourself be teased by unqualified people like Willi Vanillie, a person who uses foreign words that he doesn’t even know …… that says everything about the mental state of these people: D

I’m upset about the statement on this page for God’s sake no I’m upset about the stupidity of some! Who left their level in the sandpit … No more and no less … Thank you Peter for your comment

yes the appearance decides if comes together the character decides who stays together … but that has something to do with sympathy … and not the weight

Man is by nature superficial! You don’t just fall in love with the character! A person consists of inner and outer values. You fall in love with both. So you too are superficial.

But! Please overreact! That only confirms that you don’t want to date fat: D: D Nene … If you are not fat yourself, you just want to, unless you have other preferences, someone as a partner / whatever is more or less of the same kind – has but nothing to do with insulting or discriminating against fat people ^^ that the upset about it rather plays the clichĂ© with the inferiority complex in the hands: D: D: D Mad enough

Shut up.