We asked women when they swipe right on Tinder

Do bare chests and photos with toddlers and animals go down well on Tinder? Women explain what they want and don’t want on Tinder.

Even if Pokémon Go has already overtaken Tinder in terms of download numbers, 100 million downloads by March 2016 are quite a number. Tinder is one of the most efficient methods of looking for fresh meat: By then, the app should have created a total of ten billion matches.

With Be My Match, Audible has even started a Berlin dating app audiobook series. Protagonist Sophie rates the app on the intro page as follows: Not the legendary place for adventures of all kinds that it is advertised as, certainly no guarantee for great love, but a possibility to spontaneously let out your inner monkey. Or in short: “Why do the whole thing with the apps again … right: attention and confirmation.”

After analyzing the sexiest jobs for Tinder and even asking our mothers how they tinder, we wanted to know from women which people they like and where they prefer to swipe left very quickly.

VICE: Do you use Tinder?

Steffi: Yes, unfortunately god again. I’ve been back for almost three weeks. Before that I was already logged in, but uninstalled it because I thought it was stupid. At that time I was there for almost three months.

What are you looking for

For a friend, a committed relationship. So nothing spontaneous, but really someone who means business.

What is important to you for a like?

First of all the appearance, of course, but then also what people write in their profiles. Most of the time they don’t write anything because nobody seems to read it. Me, yes! Then I try to assess whether the character traits suit me – although most of them always have the same thing in there. Humor, funny, moviegoers, well.

Do you sometimes decide at the first picture or do you always look at the profile?

I first look at the profile and then decide whether to swipe or not. The text is much more important than mutual friends or likes – that doesn’t interest me.

What would be a no-go: men topless, six pack abs, men with pets, men with small children.

Pets are OK, small children don’t go at all. I know I’m a kindergarten teacher, but on Tinder? No. Sixpack: does not pull. Topless: No-Go. With guys without a shirt, I already know what they want. And that’s exactly what I don’t want.

What was the worst conversation you had on Tinder?

Most of the time, the conversations stop right away: “What do you want?” – “I want a relationship.” – “OK, out.” Zack, done.

What’s the worst way to write to you?

If someone just sends me a smiley face with a peace sign.

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VICE: What are you looking for on Tinder?

Verena: I’m no longer with Tinder, but had the app for half a year. Deep down, I was already looking for something that had to do with love. But once I just had a sex date. But I’ll never do that again! But it was also fun just texting with people.

What does a guy have to be like in order for you to give him a like?

A normal picture, no posed fancy shit. No pumped up guys. Preferably a smiling face or a snapshot. No drinking pictures or car pictures. And I wish for common interests that go beyond the like of the postillon, which the whole world felt like.

Topless pictures?

I do not agree with this. Much too pretentious and no taste for me. But there are sure to be girls who like it.

Besides that, what’s another reason to swipe left immediately?

When they come across as cocky. I find that stylistically. You can also make it less obvious that you want sex.

Do you swipe at the first picture or do you always look at the profile?

Usually the first picture is decisive.