“Flirting” is an outdated term now, but if we want to find a partner to start a relationship or share our future with someone else, it’s important to master the art of flirting, learn to be romantic, and be able to connect. It may sound silly, but having certain traits can make us know and connect with another person more intimately and turn us into a true “Don Juan.” The problem is that we often miss opportunities and don’t take the necessary steps to get to know someone.

We always wait for the other person to take the first step. Perhaps we would expect our girlfriend or boyfriend to say that they want to have a serious relationship or live together. Sometimes, after waiting so long, the relationship that has the potential to become serious disappears and we are left alone.

This situation is more common by women. This is probably because of the hyper-romantic and chauvinistic ideas that society instilled in us throughout their education and our lifetime.

In the past it was unwelcome for a woman to take the first step, even today. It is the man who must take on the role of the pretender and win the woman. If a woman goes after a man, she will be described in colorful ways, and of course what is said about her will not be positive.

Women today are not under the pressure of this kind of society, although we still have habits from the past.

If we want to chase after someone we really like, regardless of our gender, we need to take some important psychologically important steps.

Most people don’t dare to bond with someone they like because of the fear of causing a negative reaction. Because rejection hurts. It’s as if our ego has been punched and we feel incomplete.

We should realize that being rejected is completely normal, because it is impossible to please and be loved by everyone.

Even if we think we are a nice looking or very nice person, beauty is sometimes such a subjective thing that while someone finds us incredibly beautiful or handsome, another person may think that we are not attractive at all. In some cases, the reason we are attracted to different people may be the way we act.

So prepare yourself to be rejected, because we’re all going to experience it for sure. But be comfortable! Nobody dies just because they are rejected.

This title is very relevant to the first topic. If you trust yourself, you will more easily accept being rejected. You also enjoy more successful relationships.

Trusting yourself means accepting and loving yourself unconditionally, no matter what someone else’s feelings for you.

Contrary to what we might think, on the other hand, physical properties are not that important when it comes to bonding. A person who is physically average but self-confident may be attracted by more people than a very beautiful but insecure person.

We always project what we think of us on others. So, if you love yourself as you are, value yourself, and take care of yourself, others will feel the same way for you.

Just like the situation experienced by people selling through the door, there will be those who are interested and those who do not even want to open the door. This is normal and is about statistics. There is always a sales rate.

As a result, it is important not to miss the opportunities that arise. In other words, we should ring the doorbell of the beautiful houses we come across. The door may or may not open, we have to admit that.

Studies have shown that people who smile more look much more attractive and charismatic. The same is true for people who are comfortable with physical intimacy, caress their lover’s back or put their head on their shoulder.

A word spoken at the right time, or a smile and a blink, shows that we find the other person attractive and that we are interested in him.

Almost everyone now uses social networks on the internet, and it has become easier to say something in text messages than face-to-face. We can use this advantage to reach someone, to connect with that person.

As soon as we make contact, we must find common points that can serve as a starting point and create an opportunity to arrange a meeting. In other words, we can find an “excuse” to invite that person to go out with us through texting.

As a result, the most important thing is to stay true to ourselves and trust ourselves. Eventually, we’ll bond with another person, and over time or suddenly everything will settle down.

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