It is the simplest, fastest and most economical solution in the event of losing the keys or leaving them forgotten inside the vehicle. You may be thinking that the latter is difficult to happen, but it is not so strange to forget the keys in the trunk when you have taken or stored something and have closed it without realizing it. Big mistake! Keys always in your pocket or hand. Do not break the glass or force the lock if you do not want to raise the cost of the distraction. If you are a member of the RACE and you leave the keys inside the car, we will send a car-workshop to open the vehicle so that you can keep going.

If you have lost your keys, the easiest thing is to call a family member who can come to your house and bring you the car keys. If this option is not feasible you should go to your insurance company that you will have chosen from among the best car insurance. Depending on the policy you have contracted, they may help you recover your second set of keys: they look for it and send it to you urgently.

Typically, this mishap is covered with roadside assistance insurance. The company in charge will try to solve the problem on site in case you have forgotten the keys inside. Otherwise, it will tow the vehicle to the place of your choice in order to take the second game and open the car.

Another option is to call the brand’s customer service number, since some offer a second key collection service, copying and delivery.

The problem is complicated when we do not have a second set of keys. It is for this reason that we strongly recommend that, if you lose your first set of keys, make copies as soon as possible to avoid finding yourself in this situation: lost keys and no copies available.

In this case, your car insurance can give you a solution; Depending on the policy you have contracted, for example, they can provide you with a replacement car while you get new keys to open the car. If not, there is the aforementioned solution with roadside assistance.

If you lose your first set of keys, make copies as soon as possible to avoid finding yourself in this situation.

Both the insurer and the roadside assistance company can give you a temporary solution, but how do I get a duplicate car key? You will have no choice but to call the brand of your vehicle where they will ask you to prove your ownership by showing the ID and documentation of the car where the chassis number appears – we advise you to have a copy outside the vehicle. It is important to have located the key code that the brand gives you along with the car documentation. With this code, the duplicate will be cheaper.

If you are a RACE member and your car keys have been lost or stolen, if you have a copy at home, we will give you a rental car, a train, a taxi… to go and get the copy. If the place is far away and there are people at home, we will send you the keys by courier. In the event that you do not have a copy of the keys at home, we will tow your car to a workshop in the area, usually to an official service of the brand, where they will have to encode a new key for your vehicle.