In times when acceleration dominates each of our activities, it is not surprising that it also applies to dating. Although it is still possible to meet someone IRL, most of us have opted for apps like Bumble or Tinder, which has allowed us (of course I include myself) to speed up dating. Thanks to this, we have fallen into a dynamic that seems our own version of T_he Bachelorette; _ the catalog can be as extensive as that of the program itself -or even more- and the decision on who will be THE ONE becomes just as complicated if we consider that not all candidates are looking for something serious.

Assuming that you want a formal relationship (there are success stories, so no one dares to say that you will only find one-night stands), the moral conflict may be that you feel like a libertine woman, player collides with a man), desperate to find a partner, or worse, cheating on who might be the one. There are still people who propose “to be exclusive” (that is, that neither of us goes out with someone else), but the request is not always given because the truth is that we do not want our possibilities to be reduced or limited, nor do we want it to take us more time. Let’s face it, surely your prospects have as many others.

An example of such a situation is the character of Mandy Moore in Because I Said So. The poor thing felt between a rock and a hard place for dating two (only two!) At the same time. Now imagine what happens when there are more than one pair. The possible confusion can turn into something more than that; in emotional fatigue or even in a possible “intoxication” by the excess of crushes, so to speak. Do you want to know how many we can actually keep under control? Julie Spira, an online dating expert, shared with Global News that three people is the ideal number. Why? The answer is simple: You don’t put all your expectations on a single romantic interest; Should it fail, potential backups come to the rescue.

As a personal recommendation, it is not valid to reveal how many individuals you are dating or to go into details when asked what plans you have. Outside of any kind of commitment, the prospect may feel not so important. What her aching ego can lead her to do is retreat. Come on, even we could get upset to know – officially – that we are not the only ones on her agenda. What we should worry about is if they get to know each other (not all of them, of course), organize one appointment after the other (because of not having to produce you again), text (in itself, confusion of chats with friends) and be tempted to use any of the suitors to make the one ahead in the race to win your heart jealous. Yes, for the latter there is no excuse not to feel bad.

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